ARB Air Lockers



The Air Locker provides normal differential action when unlocked, maintaining safe, predictable handling without negative trade offs. Simply flip the dash-mounted switch when off-road to lock the axles together providing 100% traction to all wheels.

 The air compressor doubles as the perfect accessory for inflating tires, air mattresses, & other camping and sporting accessories when used with the optional tire inflation and accessory kits.

Sidekick Front Early (22 spline)                                 Item #RD205  Price $1040.00
Sidekick rear 12 bolt                                                  Item #RD209 Price $1040.00
Sidekick rear 10 bolt                                                  Item #RD204 Price $1040.00               
Samurai rear / Late Sidekick Front  (26 spline)         Item #RD208 Price $1040.00


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